Forensic JobStats Magnifying Glass

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Forensic JobStats harnesses a unique database of help wanted ads for use in litigation. Using our specialized knowledge and experience, the most relevant employment ads can be pinpointed for use in a variety of legal matters.

Forensic JobStats relies on the same TalentNeuron database used by government agencies and media companies, and in leading economic indicators.

Understanding the Labor Market

Drawing on the world's most extensive employment ad database with over One Billion records spanning several years, Forensic JobStats applies labor market and advanced computer techniques to select the records relevant as evidence for many types of lawsuits, including:

  • Employment discrimination and mitigation of damages
  • Determining salary and other data in help wanted ads
  • Identifying job attributes for use in estimates of economic loss, OFCCP and EEOC audits
  • Checking whether a company advertised in diversity sources
  • Determining whether a company has placed ads for a position after claiming the position has been eliminated
  • Providing a listing of relevant jobs for terminated workers