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Case Study

A pharmaceutical sales manager in Indianapolis, Indiana was terminated. The sales manager claimed gender discrimination and sued her employer for damages. She testified that she tried to find an alternative job, but because of the economy there were no jobs available.

Further analysis of her efforts to mitigate her damages revealed that she applied on average for one job per month in the period between February and September 2009.


The analyst would first review the employee’s resume and job history to determine relevant job characteristics to identify job listings within the appropriate geographic area and time period.

A job listing report would be produced. The results include the actual text, posting dates, source and web address of each job posting.


After reviewing the most relevant jobs, it was noted that there were hundreds of job openings that the Plaintiff could have applied to that were advertised on the internet during the relevant period. The data was used as one of several indicators by the labor economist in preparing the mitigation report.


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